Welcome to the Sacred Heart Cathedral

The Yokohama Sacred Heart Cathedral, also known by the Japanese as Yamate Catholic Church, is the oldest Church in Japan built in 1862 when the country re-opened to the outside world. It hosts both Japanese and English-speaking communities.

Sacred Heart Cathedral’s International Community is an active one and offers the possibility of practicing one’s faith in English for individuals who have difficulties with Japanese. The International Community has all the activities of a Parish from regular Sunday Masses, confessions, catechism, Bible study and Prayer groups as well as preparation to sacraments, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation and Marriage.

Pastor for the International Community is Fr. Kizito MAWAYIRA who present himself in the following way:


I came to Japan in February 2016. First, I was attached to Fujisawa Catholic Parish where I spent one year. After Easter 2017, I was formally appointed to the sacred Heart Cathedral. I am still in the process of learning that difficult language, Japanese.
My full names are Kizito Mawayira Kityo. My given name is Kizito, the name which belonged to one of the 24 Martyrs of Uganda who underwent martyrdom in 1880. Kizito was the youngest of those martyrs killed at the age of 14 years. Missionaries had started evangelizing Uganda in 1878 but in 1880 a cruel king named Mwanga decided to repress Christians and ordered the execution of Charles Lwanga their leader together with his companions. The feast day for Uganda martyrs is commemorated every 3rd June which is a public holiday in Uganda.