Notice of Church Restoration work(Sep.8.2019)

Notice of Church Restoration work(Sep.8.2019)

We inform you Regarding the restoration work of the Church, as of September 8, 2019.

After the closure of the Church, as a result of repeated studies with experts, it was determined that the roof must be repaired in addition to the ceiling and walls. The cathedral of the Catholic Yamate Church is certified as a historical building in Yokohama, in order to apply for the application of historical building repair subsidies to Yokohama City, we decided to divide the construction period into two periods.

The First period: September 11,2019(Wed) ~ End of Dec 2019

The First period construction (planned)
  • Deterioration survey of the buildings
  • Seismic diagnosis survey
  • Removal of dangerous places on the ceiling and walls
  • Temporary roof repair work
Set up a scaffolding inside the Church, conduct seismic diagnostic surveys of the building, remove dangerous parts of the ceiling and walls, and temporarily repair the Church roof.
We will carry construction materials such as scaffolding sequentially from the afternoon of September 11th. Please note that the front of the Church, the parking lot for the disabled, and the area around the bicycle parking lot are temporarily reserved.
The Church will be closed from now until the end of the first period and during the second period.

The Second period: April 2022 ~ March 2023

The Second period construction (planned)
  • Seismic reinforcement work
  • Reconstruction of the Church roof
  • Outside construction
  • Restoration work inside theChurch
In the second period construction, we plan to apply to Yokohama City for support of construction other than the construction inside the Church.

We will report the results of the survey on the deterioration of the Church building and the seismic survey after receiving the report from the contractor.
The construction schedule and construction details may be changed depending on the construction process and survey results.

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